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NIC carried out the third #GetHealthy Elders Day

NIC carried out the third #GetHealthy Elders Day on 24 May at Meenatchee Ammen Home, Port Louis.

With the collaboration of the NIC Team, Chisty Shifa Clinic and the staff of Meenatchee Ammen Home, 49 residents were provided with free health check-ups.

The aim of the #GetHealthy Elders Day is to raise health awareness for our elderly and their need for palliative care through free health tests and check-ups.

The NIC team also spread some joy and happiness with an entertainment show for the residents. Many residents joined the team on the dance floor, with some awesome sega moves!

Lookup our gallery: for #throwback moments.

Stay tuned for our next stop of #GetHealthy Elders Day!

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