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Travel Insurance

Wherever your trip takes you, enjoy a worldwide coverage and hassle-free travel with NIC Travel Insurance 

Travel Hassle-free

Planning your vacation or business trip? We spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect vacations or the deal-making business trip, but often overlook the importance of getting a good travel insurance plan. 

As you know all too well, travelling can come with its hassles, for instance, lost or misplaced baggage, delayed or missed flights, overseas sickness, lost or stolen passport and travel documents, and you may even think of a few to add to the list.

Wherever your trip takes you, enjoy a worldwide coverage and broad range of benefits with NIC Travel Insurance

Take the hassle out of your travel!

Why choose the NIC Travel Insurance?


Choose from 4 different travel insurance covers tailored to suit your travel needs


Emergency medical expenses up to EUR 75,000


Coverage for loss of baggage and documents, and for other unforeseen losses


24/7 worldwide travel assistance and emergency services provided by our global partner AXA Assistance

Download the NIC Travel Insurance Plan brochure for more details on the features and benefits. You can also contact us, and we will provide you with the insurance advice you need.

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