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Term Assurance

Wherever your trip takes you, enjoy a worldwide coverage and hassle-free travel with NIC Travel Insurance 

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Protect your loved ones

You normally insure your car, home, your most valuable assets, but what about protecting your loved ones? You work hard to provide for the people you love, ensuring that they have everything they need. But what happens to them should something unfortunate happen to you? 

Our pure life covers provide a safety net for your family and loved ones who depend on you, helping them cope financially. We offer you two types of term life insurance plans to meet your protection needs.

The NIC Level Term Assurance is a pure life cover which provides the same amount of cover throughout the term of the policy, providing your family with a sum of money, known as death benefit, to support their expenses in the event something unfortunate happens to you. 

The NIC Decreasing Term Assurance offers pure protection but with a decreasing cover and monthly payment that reduce over the term of the policy, more specifically contracted to match and cover your mortgage or loan. 

Provide your loved ones with the protection they deserve!    

Why choose the NIC Term Assurance?


Secure funds for your loved ones should something happen to you 


Cover your mortgage and loan repayments


Loss of Job, Disability and Death benefits available


Joint benefits allowed

For more details on the features and benefits, you can contact us on 602 3000, and we will provide you with the insurance advice you need.

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