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Our number one priority is to provide you with the highest level of customer service. Your feedback is important to us. If you feel that our service has fallen short of your expectations, please tell us about it so that we can deal with your concerns and complaint as quickly as possible. The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can investigate your complaint and resolve it.


How you can make a complaint?


By Telephone: 602 3000


By Email:


By Post:


























What information do you need to provide for prompt assistance?


To help us investigate and resolve the problem as quickly as we can, please provide the following key information when you contact us:


  • Your full name, postal address, telephone number (fixed and mobile), email address

  • Your policy number

  • If applicable, your claims number

  • If applicable, your car's registration number (motor insurance)

  • Full details regarding the nature of your concerns

  • Any relevant documents to support your statement

  • If possible, the location of the branch office you have been in contact with and the name of the person who you have been dealing with


How long will it take for your concerns to be dealt with?


If you phone us we may be able to resolve your concerns straight away. But if we can't, we will acknowledge your request within 3 working days.


We will assess, investigate and respond to you as quickly as possible.


We may contact you if we require more information or clarification.


We will endeavour to resolve your concerns and revert to you within 21 working days from the date you lodged your service request.


What can you do if you are not satisfied with your final response?


If you have received our final response and you are still not satisfied with it, you have the right to refer your case to the Office of Ombubdsperson for Financial Services.


The Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services can be contacted as follows:


Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services

8th Floor, SICOM Tower

Wall Street


Telephone number: 468-6475

Fax number: 468-6473



Life Insurance & Pensions

The Complaint's Coordinator

National Insurance Co. Ltd

NIC Centre

217 Royal Road


Health, Motor & Other General Insurance

The Complaint's Coordinator

NIC General Insurance Co. Ltd

NIC Centre

217 Royal Road


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