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1st #GetHealthy Ladies Day - Mission Accomplished!

NIC launched the first #GetHealthy Ladies Day, last Friday 22 February, at Chemin Grenier Social Welfare Centre.

The #GetHealthy Ladies Day aims to raise breast cancer awareness, reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment, promote early detection by encouraging women and men to get screened regularly for free, and provide support to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their difficult journey.

With the collaboration of our NIC team, our health partner Breast Cancer Care Mauritius, and the team of Chemin Grenier Social Welfare Centre, 135 ladies and 2 gentlemen were provided with free breast cancer screenings and general health check-ups. 10% of the people screened were referred for further tests.

Check out the #GetHealthy Ladies Day web page for more details, and for the calendar of free breast cancer screenings at your nearest social welfare and community centre.

#GetHealthy Ladies Day – Cancer pa badinaz, fer ou depistaz

#NIC #ServingYou #ServingTheNation

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