In line with its mission of “Serving the Nation”, NIC has joined the fight against Breast Cancer and partnered with Breast Cancer Care Mauritius (BCC) on a nationwide health campaign #GetHealthy Ladies Day - Cancer pa badinaz, fer ou depistaz.


The purpose of the #GetHealthy Ladies Day is to raise and spread breast cancer awareness, reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment, promote early detection by encouraging women to get screened regularly for free.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in Mauritius. Early detection is key in the treatment of breast cancer. Regular screenings can detect cancer in its earliest stages so that the appropriate treatment can be offered for the best chances of success. As such, getting screened regularly is highly encouraged and widely promoted.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, NIC and BCC visited last year, 12 social welfare centres across Mauritius, where women were offered free breast cancer screening, education on detecting symptoms, and counselling on treatment and care.

During this first wave of #GetHealthy Ladies Day, nearly 1,100 people were screened for breast cancer and 5% of them were referred for further tests. For the second consecutive year, we have embarked on the second wave of our community engagement programme #GetHealthy Ladies Day, where we will be visiting a social welfare centre every month, from January to September, and 4 social welfare centres in October, to commemorate Pink October.

As at date, more than 1,400 people including 50+ gentlemen were screened for breast cancer. 5% of the people screened were referred for further tests.


Check out our gallery for #throwback moments & our calendar of events for our next #GetHealthy Ladies Day!

Rivière du Rempart

Social Welfare Centre

31 January 2020

Plaine des Papayes

Social Welfare Centre

28 February 2020

Saint Pierre

Social Welfare Centre

24 July 2020

Brisée Verdière

Social Welfare Centre

14 August 2020

Camp Fouquereaux

Social Welfare Centre

21 August 2020

Grand Baie

Social Welfare Centre

28 August 2020


Social Welfare Centre

11 September 2020

Case Noyale

Social Welfare Centre

18 September 2020


Social Welfare Centre

25 September 2020

Mare d'Albert

Social Welfare Centre

30 October 2020

Grand Bois

Social Welfare Centre

09 October 2020


Social Welfare Centre

16 October 2020

Baie du Cap

Social Welfare Centre

23 October 2020

SAINT PIERRE Social Welfare Centre

24 JULY 2020

PLAINE DES PAPAYES Social Welfare Centre

28 FEBRUARY 2020

Riviere du rempart Social Welfare Centre

31 January 2020

Bel Air Social Welfare Centre

25 October 2019

Mont Roches Social Welfare Centre

18 October 2019

GOODLANDS Social Welfare Centre

11 October 2019

Quartier Militaire Social Welfare Centre

04 October 2019

Montagne Blanche Social Welfare Centre

27 September 2019

Camp de Masque Pave Social Welfare Centre

30 August 2019

Plaine Magnien Social Welfare Centre

26 July 2019

Mahebourg Social Welfare Centre

28 June 2019

TRIOLET Social Welfare Centre

31 May 2019

Bambous Social Welfare Centre

26 APRIL 2019

Wooton Social Welfare Centre

29 March 2019

NIC Centre

08 March 2019

Chemin Grenier Social Welfare Centre

22 February 2019

media launch - nic curepipe 24 january 2019

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