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Second #GetHealthy Ladies Day at Wooton Social Welfare Centre

NIC, with the collaboration of Breast Cancer Care Mauritius, held its second #GetHealthy Ladies Day last Friday, 29 March, at the Wooton Social Welfare Centre in Curepipe.

122 ladies and 7 gentlemen were offered free breast cancer screenings. 8 people were referred for further tests.

As we continue our fight against breast cancer, we encourage and urge the Mauritian public to have regular breast cancer screenings, to help us raise awareness and promote the benefits of early detection as it can save lives. Our partner Breast Cancer Care Mauritius offers free psychological counselling, guidance and support to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They also provide patients undergoing treatment with free breast prosthesis, wigs and other support kits to help them along their journey towards recovery.

Stay tuned for our next stop on April 26 at Bambous Social Welfare Centre!

Check out the #GetHealthy Ladies Day web page for more programme information, and for the calendar of free breast cancer screenings at your nearest social welfare and community centre.

#GetHealthy Ladies Day – Cancer pa badinaz, fer ou depistaz

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