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An innovative concept: First NIC Insurance Boutique launched in Goodlands

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

June 2020 - Mr. Vikash Peerun, Chairman of NIC Group, launched the first NIC Insurance Boutique in Goodlands.

Discover and Experience the new universe of Insurance

The new NIC Insurance Boutique is an entire universe dedicated to your financial protection, growth and well-being. You will find everything you need from life insurance, education plan, pension, loans, medical insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance and other general insurance products in a unique retail environment where you can confidently interact with our people, and experience our products and services.

The Insurance Boutique offers a new space of aesthetic modern look and feel with a rustic charm, a blend of our traditional values and modern outlook that supports our vision to innovate, and enhance the insurance buying experience and customer experience with an elevated level of Care and Service.

“The new NIC Insurance boutique is a breath of fresh air, a whole new experience! We have created a uniquely different, inviting and exciting universe, where our customers can walk in, touch and feel our products, and have meaningful conversations with our NIC team, particularly during moments that matter most – like taking an Education Plan to finance their children’s education, a HealthSense plan to cover their family’s medical expenses or getting a loan to buy a home, while simultaneously protecting their family financially. Our insurance boutique is not just another insurance branch – it’s a financial local community space that offers personalised and interactive experiences to our customers empowering them to enhance their financial security, protection and well-being, as well as, better their lives.” explains Mr. Vikash Peerun, Chairman of NIC Group.

The “insurance in a box” Concept

Making insurance Tangible

The focus in our Insurance Boutique is our innovative prototype Insurance Boxes, showcasing our wide range of financial and insurance solutions that financially support our customers through their various life events. Our customers can see and touch our different products, and read in one go the solutions & benefits they bring to their financial and personal well-being. They are designed to help our customers to better understand and feel the product.

Making insurance Simple

To make insurance more simple and strengthen consumer education, thought provoking StatsBoxes & StatsPosters, under our proprietary market education brand Ynsurance, create interest and attract the customers attention, urging them to think of the importance of having an insurance cover with the underlying insurance benefits for their financial security, growth and well-being.

Our vision for tomorrow: making insurance easily & readily available for every citizen

“By their very nature, insurance and financial services may be viewed as relatively complex. We are working towards simplifying our financial and insurance solutions, as well as, the customer experience to meet the needs of today’s customers. We are presently pilot testing an innovative concept of “insurance in a box” with bespoke products tailored to meet specific needs. The NIC “insurance in a box” concept aims toward delivering more value, choice, flexibility and a seamless customer experience to buying insurance at your convenience. We believe this new concept will play an important role in further innovating the insurance and financial services eco-system in a near future.” reveals the Chairman of NIC Group, Mr. Peerun.

The new NIC Insurance Boutique is near PKL, Royal Road, Goodlands - open from 08:30 – 16:45 on weekdays, and from 09:00 - 12:00 on Saturdays. We invite you to come and visit! Our friendly and experienced NIC team, and our innovative Insurance boxes are here to help you navigate life’s financial journey.

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