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Following the Communiqué from the Authorities regarding the lockdown measures taken nationally due to a resurgence of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the NIC informs its valued clients and the general public that its offices are physically closed with effect from 10 March 2021 and until further notice.

With a view to provide an adequate level of critical services to our valued clients during this lockdown period, the following measures have been taken:

1. Customer Service

· Call our 24/7 Health (Prise en charge) and Motor Insurance Emergency Helpline on

602 3000 for any emergency and support assistance.


· Email us at for any other information or queries that you may have with regards to your insurance policy, including submitting and processing your insurance claims and policy benefits, and your premium payments amongst others.

2. Benefits & Claims


2.1. Measures have been taken to honour our payment obligations seamlessly, via bank transfers, in respect to maturity, cash back, pension, death & disability benefits, health and motor insurance claims, for which documentation and formalities have been completed and submitted to us by the required due date.


2.2.Clients who have opted for cheque payment are kindly invited to submit via email the following for bank transfer arrangements:


(a) Scanned copy or photo of the upper part of your bank statement clearly indicating your name and bank account details;

(b) Scanned copy or photo of your National ID Card; and

(c) Policy/benefits/claims details for which payment is expected.

2.3.Clients who have submitted their documentation after the due date, please note that your payment will be processed promptly after the national lockdown period.


2.4.Clients who have not completed their formalities by the due date are invited to submit their documentation after the national lockdown period. We shall endeavour to process same at the earliest possible once complete documentation is received at our end.

​​3. Renewal of General Insurance covers

3.1. Clients are invited to submit their health, motor and other general insurance renewal confirmation for processing via email by clicking at the following link: NIC Motor Renewal & NIC Health Renewal

3.2. All payments pertaining to renewal should be done by bank transfer on the following respective bank account and evidence of same must be submitted to us, by email, once effected:

· For Health Insurance: SBM Account No: 61030100056840

· For Motor & other General Insurance: SBM Account No: 61030100056822

3.3. Measures will be taken to provide you with corresponding documentation via email including vignettes and certificates of insurance.

Other General Notice

We wish to inform our valued clients that we shall endeavour to process all recent insurance applications received and any other policy service requests (not stated above) at the earliest possible. In the event of any constraints arising from the national lockdown, such requests will be processed promptly after the lockdown period.

Your health, safety and well-being are our top priority, and NIC is committed to making sure that you have the protection and support you need.

We will continue to monitor and respond to this situation as it evolves and keep you informed on our services.

We wish you and your dear ones well, and we thank you for your kind understanding and collaboration during this period.

Stay safe!

National Insurance Co. Ltd

NIC General Insurance Co. Ltd

10 March 2021

NIC External Communiqué - 10 March 2021
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