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300,000+ will be over 60 in 12 years

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

With a growing ageing population, actively planning and saving for a retirement income is crucial for a fulfilled retirement lifestyle.

The Mauritian population is continuing to age. The population of old persons is growing in size and in proportion. In 1962, old persons were at 37,562 representing 5% of the total population.

Old persons are expected to grow to 306,420 in 12 years (2031) and reach up to 30% of the total population in 2051.

Due to current advances in health care and technology, the current life expectancy for a man is at 71 years and for a woman at 78 years.

Furthermore with higher female life expectancy, combined with the fact that men are generally older than their spouse, higher proportions of women are living alone. This is much likely to persist in the future.

With an ageing population, the state pension benefits and free health care costs will weigh heavier on government policy and the economy.

To secure your financial future and well-being, it is imperative that you start saving now and grow a retirement income that will be sufficient to take care of your needs when in retirement.

NIC offers you a personal pension plan that creates the right income plan with the benefits and flexibility you need for the retirement lifestyle you want.

Save now for a comfortable retirement!

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