#GetHealthy on Route8


The #GetHealthy on Route8 campaign was born with a view to promote the 8 steps to a Healthier Lifestyle in collaboration with NIC’s broad network of established healthcare providers and partners. The #GetHealthy on Route8 campaign is spearheaded by the NIC health caravan, which is specially conceptualised to support this national cause and follow 8 prime routes to make healthy living more accessible to the Mauritian public across the island.

Launched in 2016, the #GetHealthy on Route8 campaign provides free health tests & screenings, with other healthy related activities, to the Mauritian public.

The first wave had 8 stops across the island, Bagatelle Mall, Riche Terre Mall, Flacq Coeur de Ville, Vieux Moulin Rose-Belle, Mahebourg Waterfront, LOLO Hypermarket, Municipality of Port Louis, and La City Trianon. These 8 campaigns attracted more than 12,000 visitors and nearly 5,300 people were offered free tests and screening, out of which around 40% of them were referred for further tests.

The success and impact of this newly launched innovative health campaign in Mauritius culminated into an award-winning trophy with NIC being recognised as a “Socially Responsible Organisation” in the Africa Leadership Awards.

This year, we have embarked on the second wave of #GetHealthy on Route8. The NIC health caravan will once again follow 8 routes and make 8 stops across the island with the primary goal of making healthy living more accessible to all.

Experience the 8-steps to a Healthier Lifestyle and the #GetHealthy on Route8 journey.

  1. Preventive Care

  2. Healthy Habits

  3. Eat Healthy

  4. Keep Fit

  5. Healthy Mind

  6. Healthy Relationships

  7. Be Happy

  8. Love Life


Check out our gallery for #throwback moments of our #GetHealthy on Route8 campaigns, and stay tuned for upcoming #GetHealthy on Route8 videos.

La City Trianon

April 2019 

The municipality of Port Louis

November 2018 

LOLO Hypermarket - Morc. St André

September 2018 


mAY 2018 

Vieux Moulin Rose Belle

28 October 2017 

Flacq Coeur de Ville

12 August 2017 

Riche Terre Mall

26 November 2016 

bagatelle mall

29 October 2016 

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