NIC Top Hat Endowment Plan

Save and grow your money over the medium term for a brighter future

Save and Grow your money

Do you foresee a brighter future for you and your family?

Saving over the medium term ensures you have the financial freedom to realise your medium term goals, and safeguard you and your family against any unforeseen events.


The NIC Top Hat Endowment Plan provides you with the benefits and flexibility you need to save as much as you want and grow your money, while protecting your family.    

Save now for a brighter future!

Why choose the NIC Top Hat Endowment Plan?


Get a special 10th year bonus, equivalent to one year's basic premium credited to your savings fund


Earn a maturity benefit at the end of your policy 


Be financially protected with a life coverage with death benefits 


Secure an NIC Smart Loan with your policy

Download the NIC Top Hat Endowment Plan brochure for more details on the features and benefits. You can also contact us, and we will provide you with the insurance advice you need.