Choose your exclusive individual health insurance plan with a complete choice of the highest level of health care coverage options, features and benefits 

Choose the HealthSense Platinum plan that makes sense for you

Are you looking for an exclusive health insurance cover to benefit from the highest quality care and treatment at the health care provider of your choice?

HealthSense Platinum is an all-inclusive individual health insurance plan designed to give you a complete choice of the 2 highest level of health care coverage options, features and benefits. 


HealthSense Platinum covers both Inpatient and Outpatient treatment, including surgical treatment and medical expenses, maternity and congenital benefits, pre & post natal treatment, medical, optical, dental and hearing benefits among others. You also benefit from additional outpatient benefits such as Preventive Care, Physiotherapy, Chronic medications and Prescribed Vitamins. And if you need even more protection, you can also supplement your health insurance cover with a Catastrophe cover. 

HealthSense Platinum also provides you with your own personalised Care Concierge Service for the ultimate peace of mind.  

HealthSense Platinum comes with the benefits and flexibility you need to make the right health care choices to take care of your medical needs and lifestyle. 


Take good care of your health!

Why choose NIC HealthSense Platinum?


Inpatient cover benefit options: MUR 1,000,000 or MUR 2,000,000 per year


Outpatient cover benefit options: MUR 30,000 or MUR 40,000 per year


Pay your premium monthly or annually, and also benefit up to 10% discount on your annual premium payment


24/7 Hotline & Care Concierge Service for hospital admission and "Prise en charge"service at applicable network service providers

Download the NIC HealthSense Platinum brochure for more details on the features and benefits. You can also contact us, and we will help you choose the NIC HealthSense Platinum cover that fits your health care needs and budget.