NIC A+ Education Plan

Build your child's future with an A+ education savings plan

Set your child up for success

As a parent, you always want what's best for your child; an A+ education, an A+ school, an A+work and an A+life. Saving with the NIC A+ Education Plan enables you to set your child up for success. 

With the rise in education costs, you could find it more and more challenging to cover your child's school or university fees, the cost of uniforms, school materials, exam fees. The NIC A+ Education Plan is a life insurance savings plan that provides you with the capital growth you need, over the medium to long-term, to provide for your child's education. And most importantly, the earlier you start saving, the more time you have to save and grow your money in an education fund for your child.

The NIC A+ Education Plan comes with the benefits and flexibility you need to provide for your child's education. 

Build your child's future, Save Now with NIC A+ Education Plan!    

Why choose the NIC A+ Education Plan?


Gain a maturity benefit at the end of your policy


Opt for partial yearly withdrawals for your child's education expenses after the 5th policy year


Be financially protected with a life coverage with death and disability benefits


In case of death or Total Permanent Disability, we contribute for your premiums +

provide a monthly family income benefit until policy maturity


In case of loss of job, we waive your future premiums for up to 6 months


Secure an NIC Smart Loan with your policy

Download the NIC A+ Education Plan brochure for more details on the features and benefits. You can also contact us, and we will provide you with the insurance advice you need.