Group Life Scheme

For an employer who cares for his employees

Group Life Assurance policies cover a group of individuals sharing a common link e.g. employees of a company. The cover for the group works out cheaper than taking an individual cover for each person. In general a group life Assurance policy is the icing on the cake of a benefits package. Unlike Keyman insurance policies, group life covers all employees of the company.

As an employer, you do not just provide work to your employees, you also provide care to their families. Take care of your employees by covering their lives in case something happens.

Group Life Assurance is a life cover for your employees, designed to provide a cash payment to their family in the unfortunate event of their death whilst in your employment.

Reasons to subscribe:

  1. Provides peace of mind to you, your employees and their families
  2. The cover is renewable on a yearly basis
  3. Bolsters your company’s image as a caring employer

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