The National Insurance Co. Ltd is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). Operating under the corporate brand name of “NIC”, it provides:

  • A wide range of innovative protection, savings and investment long term insurance plans;
  • Social and economic benefits to the communities in which it operates, and
  • Career opportunities to its employees and emerging talents.

Long Term Insurance 

NIC brings together a broad portfolio of life insurance, pension and loan products offered through a strong and wide distribution network.  It holds a long-standing and leading market position and its geographical footprint provide the opportunity to pursue further growth opportunities in the segments in which it operates:

Individual & Group Life Assurance 

  • Pure Protection Level and Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Investment, Savings and Endowment
  • Education
  • Group Life Schemes


  • Personal Pension Plans Schemes
  • Occupational Pension Schemes
  • Administration and Investment
  • Services to Occupational Pension
  • Schemes


  • Mortgage Loans
  • Policy Loans
  • Car Loans

With its strong customer-focused service, innovative product development capabilities, strong sales force and distribution channels operating across 12 strategically located branch offices, and 10 Post offices across Mauritius and Rodrigues, the Company is well positioned to provide clients with the products they need, delivered through their preferred channels at their convenience.

The National Insurance Co. Ltd proudly serves Mauritians from all walks of life, covering nearly 135,000 clients, with a dedicated workforce nearing 800 people, and also seeks to play a broader economic and societal role of “Serving the Nation” through its community engagement initiatives.


Chief Executive Officer